Join a REVAA Member Panel

Interested in working with REVAA member companies? There is no requirement to join REVAA – simply follow the instructions provided by the REVAA member company whose appraiser or real estate broker panel you seek to join. Below are links to each REVAA member.

Background Checks for REVAA Member Companies

REVAA member companies conduct background checks in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of their individual clients. Several REVAA members have joined forces in using Sterling to conduct background checks, however, some of these companies often do take background checks from other companies as provided by their vendors.

Appraisers, real estate agents and brokers seeking to work with a REVAA member should contact each individual REVAA member company directly to obtain onboarding criteria and approved background check vendors. Simply follow the instructions provided by the REVAA member company whose panel you seek to join.

REVAA does not conduct background checks. Actual background checks are provided and managed by professional vendors that have been approved by individual REVAA members. Many REVAA members use Sterling Talent Solutions and ShieldHub.

Appraisers, real estate agents and brokers with questions about their individual background check please directly contact the company that conducted the background check:


REVAA member companies support the development of highly skilled appraisers. Here are a few training and continuing education resources:


REVAA and its member companies are collectively committed to setting a high standard for industry leadership, professional integrity and operational excellence in the residential appraisal and evaluation marketplace.