Introducing REVAA

The Real Estate Valuation Advocacy Association (REVAA) is a national 501(c)(6) nonprofit serving as the leading advocate for the residential real estate valuation industry. REVAA members are parties in the procurement and implementation of residential real estate valuation services.

We are actively engaged in the issues most important to the future viability of the industry, including ensuring reasonable and responsible public policy that ensure availability, efficiency and reliability of real estate valuation products and services.

REVAA members set the industry standard for professional excellence

  • Uphold industry professionalism, high-quality standards and ethical conduct

  • Maintain integrity of appraiser independence

  • Create innovative valuation products

  • Ensure timely payment of appraisers and others for their work

  • Support appraiser recruitment, training and continuing educational opportunities


2024 Board of Directors

  • Eric Evans, ServiceLink (President)

  • Jeff Dickstein, Stewart Valuation Intelligence (Treasurer)

  • Mark Schiffman, REVAA (Secretary)

  • Dean Kelker, SingleSource

  • Duane Andrews, Clear Capital


Together, REVAA members subscribe to the following:

The members of REVAA are collectively committed to setting a high standard for industry leadership, professional integrity and operational excellence in the residential appraisal and evaluation marketplace.

  • Honesty and Integrity: Conduct commerce and advocacy in an honest way, with integrity and compassion

  • Professional Conduct: Set a standard for highly ethical professional conduct

  • Safeguard Independence: Ensure appraisal independence

  • Compliance: Maintain organizational compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations

  • Quality: Maintain high standards and quality control in the products and services delivered

Through their role as service providers, job creators, volunteers and community leaders, REVAA members and their employees play an important role in America’s economy. Importantly, REVAA members set themselves apart as industry leaders to the many stakeholders they serve:

Homeowners / Consumers

  • Manage appraiser background checks to ensure consumer safety and quality

  • Ensure the completion of high quality and compliant appraisals and valuation services

  • Create diverse evaluation products and services to meet consumer / marketplace needs

Appraisers and Other Field Professionals

  • Ensure that all appraisers and field professionals are treated respectfully

  • Advocate for new appraiser recruitment and training

  • Provide fair and compliant appraisal management and valuations services

REVAA Member Employees

  • Provide a respectful, safe and compliant workplace

  • Support continuing education opportunities

  • Embrace diversity

Mortgage Lenders

  • Verify appraiser licensure/certification for those serving on AMC panels

  • Lead completion of high quality, compliant, appraisal and evaluation related projects

  • Facilitate client payment processing to ensure appraisers get paid in a timely manner

Regulators / Policymakers

  • Serve as a resource on AMCs and the valuation of residential property

  • Remain compliant with state and federal requirements

  • Act as an advocate for issues that impact AMCs and their business interests