It has been a transformational time in the residential appraisal and valuation industry. The federal and state regulatory and legislative landscapes continue to be complex. For businesses, the stakes have never been higher.

There is strength in a collective voice.  That’s why, nearly a decade ago, a handful of AMCs joined forces to invest in the creation of REVAA (Real Estate Valuation Advocacy Association) – a 501 (C)(6) nonprofit whose members are parties in the procurement and implementation of residential real estate valuation services.

Through its hard work, REVAA is recognized and respected as the leading advocate on residential real estate valuation issues and has earned a positive reputation among important policy makers including Members of Congress, federal agencies, state legislatures and state appraisal boards. We also continue to actively collaborate with organizations representing lender, appraiser, mortgage, and housing interests.

Take a fresh look and join forces with an established leader. We seek to broaden the reach, voice and impact of industry advocacy. Please take a look at the following overview of REVAA.

Together, on issues that pose both opportunities and threats to AMCs and other residential valuation businesses, REVAA members have been rolling up their sleeves to make a real difference by monitoring federal and state public policy; proactively identifying and strategically managing industry priorities; building essential relationships with key stakeholders (policymakers and trade groups); and directly advocating on relevant legal and public policy matters.

In addition, REVAA’s innovative background check program provides members with reliable and secure background checks (appraisers, brokers and real estate agents), while appraisers receive a convenient one-stop, low cost option to meet the requirements of REVAA members.

To learn more about joining REVAA, please click here.

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